Evet uzun vade yatırımcısı dostlar bu yazımda, uzun vade yatırımı olarak hemen hemen her yatırımcının portföyünde bulunan VESBE şirketinin 2021 yılı faaliyet raporunu kendimce yorumlayacağım.

Vestel Beyaz Eşya

Hepimiz vesbe’nin köklü tarihini az çok biliyoruz.

Şirketin halka açıklık oranının düşük olması, yatırımcılar arasında en çok dikkat edilen bir konu olduğu için vesbe bunu fazlasıyla karşılıyor. Şirketin halka açıklık oranı %17,47 ve yatırım yapmak için gayet güzel bir oran.

2021 yurt içi ve yurt dışı satışlar ile güçlü bir büyüme yapan şirket,toplam cirosunu %72 artırarak 16.2 milyar TL ye çıkarmış. Satışlarının %57’si Avrupa ülkelerine olması ayrı bir detay.

2021 yılında yükselen kur etkisi,hammade ve lojistik maliyetlerinin artması ile brüt kâr marjinda düşüş yaşanmış.

Şirketlerin maliyet kalemlerinde enerji tüketimi önemli bir yer almaktadır, şirketlerin yenilenebilir enerjiye yatırım yapması uzun vadede enerji maliyetlerini düşürme adına olumlu adımlar olarak görülür. Vesbe de bu alanda yatırımlarını yaparak geleceğe hazırlık konusunda öncü sirketlerimizden bir tanesi. Şirketin 2021 yılında gerçekleştirdiği bazı gelişmeler tabloda belirtilmiş.

Döviz kuru ile yapılan satışlar, şirketler için kâr kaleminde olumlu etkenlerin en başında gelmekte olup, vesbe bu konuda yaptığı yatırımlar ile özellikle Kuzey Amerika’da açmayı planladığı satış ofisi ile Amerika kıtasında daha faal olma yolunda önemli adımlar atmayı hedefliyor.
İhracat hedefli büyüme stratejisi ve küresel faliyet ağı’na bakınca, vesbe yatırımcısını mutlu edeceğini garantiliyor adeta.

Analistlerin 2022 için vesbe fiyat tahmini ortalama olarak 10,87 olarak öngörülüyor. Şahsi düşüncem yıl sonunda bu rakamı rahat geçecektir.😁

Kendi adıma 2021 faaliyet raporu, şirketin gerçekleştirmiş olduğu yatırımlar ve hedefleri 2022 için bana güven verici geldi. Uzun vade portföyümdeki yerini korumaya devam edecek. Umarım bu hap bilgilerin, sizlere faydası olur.

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    1. This increases prolactin release which can make gyno worse purchase cialis online cheap Fold changes induced by estrogen and tamoxifen treated MCF 7 cell lines for unique genes that are down regulated n 54 or up regulated n 30 by HRT in breast cancer patients

    1. cialis buy A randomized trial assessing the clinical efficacy and microbial eradication of 1 azithromycin ophthalmic solution vs tobramycin in adult and pediatric subjects with bacterial conjunctivitis

    2. i have seen studies where anastrozole RAISED natural test levels to over 50 above baseline and i cant recal which but i also saw clomid or tamoxifen did about the same increase to nat test as well viagra experience

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    2. cialis pills for sale Students in my lab will be presented with the opportunity to develop synthesis techniques and skills in the pursuit of small biologically active natural and unnatural products that may allow for future cooperation with other scientists to test their biological activities, or in the development of novel and useful synthesis methodologies

    1. On Risk Factors and Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment cialis daily Interestingly, ABI1 has been shown to regulate SRC kinase activity, and prevent SRC mediated breast cancer progression 98

    1. 2015 11 Jun; 184 36 50 buy cialis canada pharmacy But driving him to continue doing what he does, despite the setbacks, despite the disappointments and the dark hours of grim reflection, is an inner will, a selfish will, which governs his life in a way very few people experience the ambition of a jockey looking for that one, transcendental moment that will justify the many, many sacrifices he has made

    1. cialis The combination of celecoxib and amlodipine was studied in a randomized, double blind, placebo and active controlled study in 152 patients with newly diagnosed hypertension who required pharmacological therapy to control their hypertension

    1. priligy without prescription Our findings highlight the importance of conducting trials with sufficient statistical Blood Sugar Chart why is blood sugar high in morning power to NM Crisis Line night sweats sign of low blood sugar assess commonly Blood Sugar Chart why is blood sugar high in morning used approaches on clinically relevant outcomes

    1. Consequently, the study revealed a concerning 12 and 10 fold higher risk for cardiovascular disease specific mortality in those patients with BC who developed HFpEF and HFrEF, respectively, with wide confidence intervals cialis generic tadalafil

    1. My DH and I had not been trying for long but we experienced a full term loss before these babies and our OB recognized how stressed and anxious we were about TTC cialis dosage

    1. In a related way, the designation of paroxysmal atrial tachycardia PAT with block may be misleading viagra video Simply put, your body may cease to produce or at least lower your natural hormone production when subjected to significantly raised levels of exogenous substances

    2. WebMD understands that reading individual, real life experiences can be a helpful resource, but it is never a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified health care provider coupons for cialis 20 mg

    1. Adverse reactions during salicylazosulfapyridine therapy and the relation with drug metabolism and acetylator phenotype levitra en ligne canada Cancer is seen here as molecular level mistakes that cause cells to regress to the wrong phase in their normal evolution, when their re activated processes are inappropriate

    1. Liu and coworkers 7 suggested that the LEPR Q223R polymorphism might be implicated in the development of breast cancer in East Asians and PON1 L55M might increase breast cancer risk cialis It drains directly into the systemic circulation, avoiding the hepatic first pass 222, 223

    1. ZURAMPIC is available as blue film coated tablets for oral administration containing 200 mg lesinurad and the following inactive ingredients lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose 2910, crospovidone, and magnesium stearate buy cialis 10mg In addition to skeletal muscle cells, AAV6 has been also reported to mediate more efficient transduction of airway epithelial cells in mouse lungs compared to that of AAV2 81, which may supply AAV6 with more significant advantages over AAV2 for gene therapy of lung diseases like cystic fibrosis considering the lower immunogenicity of AAV6 than of AAV2 78, 82

    1. Meloxicam may also cause stomach or intestinal bleeding, which can be fatal propecia dosage The term cholelithiasis refers to the presence of gallstones, which may occur silently or in association with clinical symptoms

    1. In addition, many patients with OA may be on other platelet inhibiting medications and interactions should be taken into consideration can you take half a viagra cilostazol bivirkninger valtrex 500 mg Rowe never elaborated on how they pursued conception, but she described in intimate detail the afternoon she rode her Harley Davidson motorcycle across the San Fernando Valley to meet Michael on the Van Nuys Airport set of his 1996 short film Ghosts and break the baby news

    1. Global Analysis of Deinococcus Radiodurans Proteome by Csing Accurate Mass Tags propecia hk Effects of furosemide and acetylcholinc in norepinephrine induced acute renal failure

    1. propecia hairline 3, 11 Nevertheless, an increasing number of patients with chronic renal failure are being referred for percutaneous coronary interventions, owing to the greater prevalence of cardiovascular disease among patients with renal failure, combined with the prolongation of their life span

    1. Additional IHC ER, PR, HER2, Ki 67, p53, EGFR, p mTOR and IGF1R was performed on the case with striking heterogeneity propecia for sale nNOS is primarily expressed in a small population of neurons throughout the nervous system and a variety of other tissues throughout the body Table 1

    1. Burch adds Many cats do not display any symptoms of high blood pressure cialis prices I believe it is fair to say that a reader using a wiki will usually want, as a first approximation, the most widely used current meaning of a term

    1. Let s look at menopause for a minute, because all women will face menopause at some point in their lifetime lovely lilith – viagra falls For example, 2 DG is an analog of glucose, and it can be catalyzed by HK2 into 2 deoxy D glucose 6 phosphate 2 DG 6P, which is different from G 6 P and can noncompetitively inhibit the activity of HK2 5, 35

    1. The food industry uses Aloe in the manufacture of functional foods, especially health drinks, and as a bitter agent Saccu, Bogoni, and Procida 2001 cialis online reviews Notably, a marked reduction in the expression levels of mitochondrial electron transfer chain complexes II, III, IV and V Supplementary Fig

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    1. However, existing data using either individual and or combination of 2 to 3 phytochemicals in in vitro and in vivo cancer models did not demonstrate a complete eradication of cancer cells 6 8 how much does cialis cost A deficiency of potassium Depletion of blood volume in the blood vessels Kidney insufficiency or failure

    1. Serious Use Alternative 1 ketoconazole will increase the level or effect of talazoparib by Other see comment brand name cialis online To investigate the function of Jun B in those cells, animals generated by interbreeding of mice carrying a loxP flanked Junb allele Hess et al

    1. In one study of 10 healthy adult volunteers, administration of Precedex for 45 minutes at a plasma concentration of one ng mL resulted in no clinically meaningful increases in the magnitude of neuromuscular blockade associated with rocuronium administration cialis generic Further investigation of patient characteristics and outcomes by therapy sequencing patterns will help illuminate the extent to which patterns adhere to NCCN guidelines

    1. Outcome disparities in African American women with triple negative breast cancer a comparison of epidemiological and molecular factors between African American and Caucasian women with triple negative breast cancer propecia buy

    1. Unfortunately that transfer did fail coupons for cialis 20 mg In a keynote lecture during the 2013 Breast Cancer Symposium breast cancer expert and ASCO Past President George Sledge, MD, offered five predictions for the future of the medical management of breast cancer

    1. The significance level used in the pairwise comparisons between the groups receiving experimental treatment and the group receiving standard treatment was 0 buy cialis online from india Kayak the protected mangrove waterways of the Isla Damas Estuary with a guide to show you all the wildlife or challenge yourself to a more rugged workout on the coastline between Quepos and Manuel Antonio, with some waves and surf

    2. The same US Obama who demanded Egypt to release all MB members latest Muslim Brotherhood banned from all activities the backers of ousted President Mohamed Morsy s assets to be seized High Court buy viagra amazon

    1. Published 24 February 2016 propecia prescription Candice Bergen, star of the former CBS sitcom, Murphy Brown, received the Foundation s most prestigious honor the Betty Ford Award for her portrayal of the character s battle with breast cancer during the show s final season

    1. Ketorolac tromethamine is sometimes used as an alternative, or in combination with the morphine, to provide pain relief levitra vente en france In hypovolaemia conditions, loss of total body solutes Na and K results in a reduced effective circulating volume, non osmotic vasopressin secretion and thirst

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    1. Prescription medications to ease inflammation nasal sprays to help shrink your polyps Rinsing your sinuses with saltwater Allergen immunotherapy to make you less allergic to whatever s causing inflammation cialis from india

    1. 2c and d by this 10 ОјM dose of JPH203 cialis pills for sale The pharmacokinetics and effect of diclofenac sodium topical solution were not evaluated under the conditions of heat application, occlusive dressings overlay, or exercise following product application

    1. ziphealth viagra In cancer, ligand activation of the insulin like growth factor 1 receptor IGF 1R and its downstream pathways phosphoinositide 3 kinase PI3K AKT mammalian target of rapamycin mTOR and Ras Raf MEK ERK stimulates tumor proliferation, survival, transformation, metastasis and angiogenesis 40

    2. If any of these adverse effects occur while you are taking oral contraceptives, call your doctor immediately online generic cialis Contact your doctor if you have a reduced heart rate, dizziness, fainting, or headaches

    1. However, Xuan Kong wanted to rely on the power of one person to change this situation, it is clomid covered by insurance was is clomid covered by insurance still like ascending to the sky levitra efectos adversos The disease will not necessarily progress from a lower stage to a higher stage

    1. Although deviations and switches reduced the differences among treatment strategies, empirical atypical coverage was reduced by 67 during the beta lactam strategy periods as compared with the beta lactam macrolide strategy periods and by 69 during the beta lactam strategy periods as compared with the fluoroquinolone strategy periods buy generic cialis online

    1. propecia on sale Of 76 cases with anesthetics data, five cases used succinylcholine without volatile anesthetic, 17 cases used succinylcholine and volatile anesthetic, and 71 cases only used volatile anesthetic including 32 45

    1. cheapest cialis available Some early research suggests that taking a specific combination product containing apple pectin and German chamomile by mouth for 1 3 days might reduce the number of stools and improve symptoms in children with diarrhea

    1. generic cialis vs cialis Impaired tissue oxygenation causing preferential ischemia to the S3 segment of the proximal convoluted tubule and the thick ascending loop of Henle since these parts of the nephron are more susceptible to ischemic lesions

    2. E Representative traces of action potentials recorded at different current injection on the left panel, and the number of action potentials is plotted for each step of current injection on the right panel; F Representative traces of sodium currents on the left panel, and currents were recorded at different potentials in voltage clamp on the right panel; 33 control 19 2 neurons were recorded from three independent differentiation experiments, at day 21 28 post NEUROG2 induction PNI cialis without a doctor’s prescription

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    2. It is not a priori clear why this would be the case, or why there would be a positive association between PR status and ESR1 methylation Table 1, PR Status Predictors because activated ER is known to induce PGR gene expression buying cialis online forum

    1. Not yet clinically tested in a controlled manner is the benefit of combining tamoxifen with exemestane generic cialis from india This isn t something flushed out of your system like a amphetamines, your body develops antibodies that cannot be dechallanged

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    2. I have been married a little over a year minoxidil vs propecia 1 per 1000 women years; this was primarily due to an 80 reduction in the incidence of ER positive invasive breast cancer in the raloxifene hydrochloride group compared with placebo

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    1. Ambros Rudolph, C viagra vs cialis The amino acid sequences of the DR molecule determine the shape of the antigen presenting cleft, and peptides formed from protein antigens fit into the cleft with greater or lesser affinity, depending upon how well their three dimensional structure fits into the three dimensional structure of the antigen presenting cleft of the HLA molecule 130

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    1. buy viagra cialis online Again, it is very important to remark that Table 1 aims to provide a rigorous but user friendly content, and therefore, translation of asterisk or phenotype way nomenclatures into rs SNP nomenclature is given when possible

    1. This was a young woman who never had children; she s an attorney in the middle of her most productive years, who is suddenly diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, said Dr buy cialis online using paypal A neuroradiologist, blinded to the laterality of the lacunar infarct, assessed for lateralized hypoplasia of the Circle of Willis either anteriorly at the level of the A1 artery and AComA as one functional unit, or posteriorly at the level of the PCA and PComA as one functional unit

    1. At the time of the 2000 NIH consensus conference on breast cancer, 1 the standard adjuvant endocrine therapy ET for all women with hormone receptor positive disease was tamoxifen, a treatment in use for greater than 2 decades that had extensive data on efficacy and toxicity cialis 5mg online

    1. The constant domains are not involved directly in binding an antibody to an antigen, but exhibit various effector functions, such as participation of the antibody in antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity ADCC Commande Levitra This is because Tama Schewe s flesh and bones can t bear such a huge force If he is forced to use long term does glutathione lower blood pressure hurt anyone, but he will hurt himself first

    1. Some previous studies have also found a higher incidence of blood pressure problems in women taking metformin during pregnancy buy cialis online 20mg Store metformin hydrochloride extended release tablet at 68 F to 77 F 20 C to 25 C

    1. In 2 studies comparing mammography with magnetic resonance imaging for breast cancer screening in which 18 to 100 of study participants were BRCA mutation carriers, mammography was associated with higher false positive rates 14 vs generic 5 mg cialis I just want to try preseed but need some encouraging stories

    1. viagra and afib Cristini A et al 2016 DNA PK triggers histone ubiquitination and signaling in response to DNA double strand breaks produced during the repair of transcription blocking topoisomerase I lesions

    1. The early bactericidal activity EBA of ethambutol, pyrazinamide and the fixed combination of isoniazid, rifampicin and pyrazinamide Rifater Mer National was evaluated in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis who were sputum- positive on microscopy for acid- fast bacilli cialis online india Orval, USA 2022 06 26 19 29 04

    1. priligy cvs Incorporation of this information into research and clinical databases, and ultimately into effective clinical practice, will require substantial additional epidemiologic and genetic information

    1. Tetracycline is an antibiotic used in the 60 s to treat infections that caused permanent discoloration in teeth, making them a brownish grey color side effects of propecia A World Health Organization WHO report released April 2014 stated that antibiotic resistance is now a major threat to public health WHO, 2014

    1. coupons for cialis 20 mg Collectively, our data demonstrate that HO 1 induction through erythrophagocytosis is a universal mechanism that regulates skin inflammation following blood feeding by arthropods, thus promoting early stage disease tolerance to vector borne pathogens

    1. lisinopril cytoxan taxotere chemotherapy In addition, direct CEOP work has led to more than 1, 600 arrests of online predators levitra dosis Exchange transfusion can also be considered to treat methemoglobinemia

    1. Injuries are divided into 2 subcategories 1 primary injury, which occurs at the moment of trauma, and 2 secondary injury, which occurs immediately after trauma and produces effects that may continue for a long time buying cialis online usa

    1. It is considered a low grade malignancy that is apparently curable with surgical complete excision in most instances buy cialis online without a prescription 21 It has been reported that a proprietary antiphospholipid assay, named the aPhL ELISA, may have improved specificity for the aPL syndrome, as compared to the aCL assay

    1. The stimulation of hematopoiesis has been noted to be influenced by age and appears to be more pronounced in older men 198, 199 cialis for sale in usa Low compared to high salt diet decreased office systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 22

    2. Hum Reprod 2001; 16 972- 8 levitra basf C, Estrogen induced reduction of circulating neutrophils in tumour bearing mice were not due to increase in other circulating leukocytes; i Percentage of circulating monocytes CD45 CD11b Ly6C hi out of viable CD45 population, ii Percentage of circulating CD4 T cells CD45 CD4 CD8 out of viable CD45 population, iii Percentage of circulating CD8 T cells CD45 CD8 CD4 out of viable CD45 population via flow cytometry analysis, Null Ctrl N

    3. Controlled clinical trials of hypericum extracts in depressed patients an overview propecia success Theprop guy would say that his test kicked in very quickly and he saw results fromit almost right away

    1. We did not investigate the mechanism of altered ENaC subunit protein abundance in the present study, although regulation of mRNA levels 31, 39 and regulation of ENaC protein half life 5, 27, 41 have been described in previous studies order on line levitra How to make penis head bigger

    1. Also, a high proportion of people who can manage to lose weight through lifestyle interventions eventually revert back to old behaviors once the intervention is over and, ultimately, regain the weight buy cheap cialis online Although they are mostly used to correct hyponatremia, they have also been evaluated for ADHF treatment owing to their diuretic properties

    1. cialis decadron 4 mg posologia odontologia Defense companies are having difficulty navigating thecurrent Pentagon budget climate as acquisition programs arecanceled or delayed cialis from usa pharmacy With the exception of low- dose vitamin supplementation and aromatase inhibitors, empiric therapy is seldom recommended in the treatment of the infertile male

    2. heparin and aceclofenac both increase anticoagulation minoxidil vs propecia Fractional excretion of urea calculated similarly to FeNa using serum urea and urine urea instead of sodium can also be used to determine the presence of pre renal versus intrinsic AKI, with values less than 35 suggesting pre renal injury

    1. at this point, but I am willing to bet you did not always know that cialis 5 mg Consequently, the diseased muscle fibers suffer much greater tear and damage than normal muscle fibers beyond the degree our muscle can repair when we exercise either voluntary controlled or involuntary automatically, as is the case with the cardiac muscle muscles

    2. Yes, there was some pain, but nothing like the unbearable pain that I was expecting viagra for dementia In addition to leukemia and lymphoma, benign and malignant tumors were found at various tissue sites, including urinary bladder, mammary gland, lung, liver, and injection site see WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS

    1. Vidali S, Aminzadeh Gohari S, Feichtinger RG, et al cheapest cialis 20mg cialis ciprofloxacine posologie injectable There were concerns about a repeat of last year s long absence after his limping first round loss at Wimbledon, but Nadal seems to be gearing up to return at the Masters Series in Montreal as planned

    1. Pro apoptotic effects of 1 acetoxychavicol acetate in human breast carcinoma cells brand cialis online In this study, EdU was given after tamoxifen treatment to evaluate potential tamoxifen effects on cell proliferation at varying distances from the lesion epicenter

    1. I am sorry for your dissappointment generic cialis tadalafil Systemic therapy does not appear to be of additional advantage in exogenous endophthalmitis following primary intraocular surgery but is indicated in endogenous endophthalmitis and for the treatment and prophylaxis of endophthalmitis complicating ocular trauma

    1. Changes in tumor 18 F FDG uptake between baseline and 14 d were a slightly better predictor for histopathologic tumor response than were changes in 18 F FDG uptake between baseline and preoperative studies buy cialis online uk Background The aim of the study was to evaluate and compare incidence and risk factors of left ventricular dysfunction LVD in early breast cancer patients receiving E or not E epirubicin based adjuvant chemotherapy

    1. In 175 patients with resistant hypertension who took spironolactone 25 100 mg day adverse reactions that were attributed to spironolactone included gynecomastia or breast discomfort in seven; as a result spironolactone was withdrawn in six 3 is viagra over the counter The power does doxycycline cause high blood pressure of the physical body is so powerful, I am afraid that his real combat power is comparable to that of a powerhouse in the realm of nothingness

    1. I had one interview at Leeds University, Department of Pharmacology, and was lucky to get into university in 1965 cheap cialis no prescription Monitor Closely 1 viloxazine will increase the level or effect of atogepant by affecting hepatic intestinal enzyme CYP3A4 metabolism

    1. 24, 25 In TamFSH IVF, a higher dose of tamoxifen than what is administered for breast cancer treatment is used, exposure to higher estrogen levels is brief, and the patients usually start chemotherapy immediately after completion of IVF treatment brand name cialis online 2015 May; 33 5 2420 8

    1. We suggest closely monitoring oxygenation in the CICU and titrating supplemental oxygen to achieve Sp o 2 90 or Pa o 2 60 mm Hg; hyperoxia Pa o 2 150 mm Hg should be avoided where to buy cialis online forum Cats that were treated with an infusion of intrathecal tPA 1 day after the intracisternal blood injection did not develop hydrocephalus at 7 days 114

    1. cheap cialis generic online They were compared to otherwise equivalent bimodular PKSs in which a noncovalent interface was introduced between the condensing and processing parts of a module, resulting in non native domain interactions during the extender unit acylation and polyketide chain elongation steps of their catalytic cycles